The Restaurant of the “Esperia Palace Hotel” boasts a thirty years family management.



Ristorante Sabir Gourmanderie
Sabir Gourmanderie
The evocative setting is a splendid nineteenth century villa surrounded by a lovely garden.
The dishes are linked to the sunny Mediterranean tradition with innovative variations.

Our products of great quality, experience of the area and of its history, become matrices of a great cuisine, where classic and innovative preparations lead to a sublime journey of balanced flavours, offering excellent taste experiences even to the most demanding gourmets.

La Corte Brasserie


The Brasserie “La Corte”
Is an nice and cozy place, with an open kitchen where you can enjoy simple dishes with a Mediterranean flavour. Great selection of fine meat, accompanied by fresh vegetables.

Particular attention is paid to the rich breakfast, which marks the beginning of a beautiful happy day, home made by the skilled hands of the Chef-Patronne.

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  • Sabir Gourmanderie